It's inevitable, really: after more than fifty years building and refurbishing some of the most exclusive properties in Mallorca, always with perfectionism as a guiding philosophy, we've built fruitful relationships with our customers, motivated by their trust in our team's outstanding work.

As a result, and given that Consfutur's top priority is to ensure that our customers feel fully cared for, our construction and refurbishment service has been expanded over time. It now incorporates the concept of Facility Management at the request of our customers, who have been in contact with us over the decades to carry out maintenance tasks at their new homes. At the end of the day, who else is going to know each of the intricacies and needs of the houses we build as well as we do?

The talent of people like you makes it possible for us to be a successful company. If you'd like to share our passion for maintenance and installations, join our team now. We are looking for people with a human sense who contribute their talent and ideas to improve their work and personal environment, leaving a mark on what they are most passionate about.


A whole host of experienced professionals channel all their expertise into rapidly and effectively performing masonry tasks for property upgrades, minor refurbishments, warranty management, the preventive and corrective maintenance of electricity, plumbing and air conditioning installations, and the study and execution of home automation and renewable energy projects.


PREMIUM BY CONSFUTUR provides a complete after-sales service to Consfutur customers, guaranteeing their peace of mind in any eventuality, carrying out all kinds of installations to further enhance the homes built by the company, and actively working on the prevention of any kind of contingency. 

What's more, we have preventive maintenance packages which have been designed to provide comprehensive care for your home, guaranteeing its proper functioning and prolonging its life. It also gives you the option to assess the specific needs of your home and create a bespoke budget to suit your circumstances.


What's more, PREMIUM BY CONSFUTUR also works on and upgrades plumbing, air conditioning, home automation, and solar energy installations, etc.




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